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Entrepreneurs Wanted! Workspace TechHub Launches in Bucharest

Nowadays, the Internet has established itself as a colossal industry, which reunites millions of people who work together around the world and back. But, in order for the revolution to take place, the small group leading the change needs to have a common space where to meet, collaborate and work. Therefore, incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces have emerged to fuel up the new momentum. Eastern Europe has always been looked on as a heaven for both “hackers” and rock star developers…

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Do You Want A CoLiveWork Space? Join The Startup House

You’ve heard of coworking spaces. Probably like me, you are also a member of one or two. However, memberships can be pricey for a start-up. If only you had a cool house from where you could work on your projects, great house-mates who could inspire and encourage you… Well, that’s what I’ve been thinking too. My hope is that we can create an affordable kind of CoWorkLive space. What do you think?

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