My Startup Vacation In Greece

Hello, my name is Philipp Albrecht, founder of websafari, an Austrian-based web company. This summer I have been to the Greek islands for a 12-day working holiday. I wanted to use this time to get off the operational stuff, meditate and think about the future.

One morning, I found an email in my inbox titled “Startup Stay Invite” while I was sitting in a coffee shop next to the sea. I was so thrilled by the idea that I signed up and decided to shorten my “holidays” for 3 days to visit Athens and its startup community. I immediately contacted a few local Startup Stay members. The feedback was great: I received 3 offers to stay and 6 to meet for coffee. I was stunned. From my experience with other platforms, I expected lower interest and replies.

Highly motivated to meet the community, I decided to stay with Stavros, the founder of five coLabs within Athens, a hub for innovation, personal growth and as he names it, “the biggest group of doers in Athens” :-)

Upon arrival, all members of the coworking Space were having a common meeting where they integrated me spontaneously.  I spent the rest of my day working there and talking to all the startups.
Later on, coLab had invited a Facebook programmer for an interview to share some insights so I joined the event.

At the end of the day, I meet Stavros’ wonderful wife and his two young sons. They took me out for a typical Greek dinner. The same evening his sons were already riding on my shoulders as we were walking home.

The next day I met Thanos, founder of iMellon, a great app development company.
In the afternoon Stavros took me all around the city on the back of his scooter and we had a little brake on top of the Acropolis where we sat together, appreciated the view and chatted about the future.

I was so warmly welcomed by everyone. It was a great pleasure to be there.
Startup Stay helped me to connect with new like minded people and make new friends abroad as a result. There were also discussions about common business opportunities that I will write about maybe in another post…

The Pioneers Festival is coming to Vienna next week and, as the new local ambassador, I am really looking forward to meet some Startup Stay members there. I’ve ordered some pins to easily identify with others members! How about that? See you later.

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