Introducing The New Startup Stay CTO!

As any other startup, many challenges come up after launch. One of our top ones was to find a knowledgeable developer with enough experience to be our Chief Technical Officer.

We never looked for just a “coder”, but instead someone that can bring their own ideas to the table and work together with us (Facundo & Fred) as an integral part of the team.

We recently received an email with subject: “Let’s do this!“. After dozens of interviews, we couldn’t have gotten “luckier”.

He is a talented and well connected entrepreneur with many years of experience. He founded Pitchphone,, he is a Startup Weekend mentor and much more. Oh, he loves design and typography so our looks should get better too :) Ladies and gentlemen, from Belgium and based in Cologne, Germany, we’re honored to introduce you to… (drum roll)

Francis Dierick!

We’re already working with him to make Startup Stay a key platform in the startup ecosystem and help thousands of entrepreneurs connect face-to-face around the world.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!


You may follow Francis here:


…and of course, Startup Stay’s blog from now on :)


Fred Caballero is the co-founder of Bizpora, a trusted community for entrepreneurs & business professionals who travel. He loves football, travelling, food and starting companies. He holds a degree in Journalism, a Certificate in Marketing fand a Diploma in Internet Marketing. Fred travelled to over 25 countries. He lived in Argentina, Spain, United States, Ireland, Chile and the UK. He’s been based in London for the past three years. Fred is an ex-drummer that would love to get back into a band one of these days.

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