How To Network And Find A Host Entrepreneur Through Startup Stay

While more entrepreneurs around the world keep gradually joining our invite-only travel community, we thought it would be very useful to work on a quick video post to share exactly how Startup Stay works.

In the short video above, you’ll find: “How to search for an entrepreneur and request to stay”, how to “send a personal message” and how to “share your travel dates”.  Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below. Thank you! (Can’t see the video? Click here

There are 3 core ways to benefit from Startup Stay:

  1. Look for entrepreneurs to stay with and “Request to Stay: Gain local insights, build meaningful relationships and avoid accommodation costs.
  2. Meet for coffee: Whether you’re available to host or not at the moment, you may want to reach out to entrepreneurs in a specific city to invite them for coffee to discuss anything in particular or seek for advice (For this, use the “Send a Message” button on the profile).
    When you are not travelling, keep an eye on “Entrepreneurs coming to your area” in the home page. This is a perfect way to make contact with relevant professionals that are already coming your way!
  3. Leave a reference: If there’s someone you can vouch for (even if you haven’t met through Startup Stay), leave them a short reference so they can hopefully leave you one as well (The “Leave a Reference” button in on each member’s profile). References are a valuable currency. They help entrepreneurs like you make more informed decisions and also keeps  our community safe!

We realised that many members were under the impression that, by only sharing their travelling dates, they would get approached by members in the destination city.

While that is possible, the effective way to find a local entrepreneur that can host you in the city you’re going to, is by proactively searching for a few. Then simply review their profiles and finally, click on the “Request to Stay” button of those profiles that you’re happy with :)

We’re about to launch a simple feature next week for members to enter their accelerator and co-working space. This way it’ll be easier to identify entrepreneurs from known startup networks! Stay tuned…



Co-founder at Bizpora. I am the product manager and spend my days trying to simplify things around here.

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