How Bizpora Helped Me Find A CoFounder

From right to left : Eli, Filip and Roderick this week at launch event in Zagreb

As an entrepreneur and a digital nomad, Bizpora has been a life saver for me. It’s helped me build my business network and brought lasting friendships. It turns out, it also became the platform where that connected me to the co-founder of my new venture, a global map platform that allows startups to share their news and milestones with the world and connect to each other.

My name is Eli, I am originally from Israel, a CPA and economist in my past and a startup enthusiast . 3 years ago and after a boring accounting career, I realized that this routine of staying in the same place was not really my style, and decided to live a nomadic lifestyle. Ever since I started this journey, I have been changing locations every couple of months or so. I’ve visited over 20 countries. (From India, through Paraguay to Bosnia)

A year ago, while in Barcelona, a friend told me about Bizpora, and I started using it extensively to meet like-minded people while being on the go. The platform is not only good for making social contacts, it also creates amazing partnerships and brings potential co-founders of companies together.

While traveling in Zagreb, Croatia last year, in the freezing winter, I gave Bizpora another whirl to meet some locals. One of the members I met was Filip, an impressive guy that worked for one of the biggest social media companies there. We went for a coffee and Filip helped me locate the nearest swimming pool, my greatest hobby.

Just before I left Croatia to go to Serbia, Filip and I got together for another coffee. He revealed his attempt to found which was a platform that positioned startups on a global map. The startup managed to get some nice traction but never really picked up. Filip asked to contact him if I ever had an idea about how to make the platform more attractive to users. I love the idea and a few months later, I decided to create a meeting spot for startups using a global map, and after discussing it with two other friends who also joined as co-founders, we came up with the idea of creating a global platform for startups, where they can “blink” their latest news and communicate with other startups from around the world. just launched this week (So we apologize for the bugs, in case you are trying to blink your news on the map).  We are very thankful to Bizpora for creating the connection that led to our project. We don’t know if our idea will work, but the process of building it while making new friends is already worth it.

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