How A Bizpora Member Won 10K And A Free Trip To The Valley

Uldis is a Bizpora member (Riga, Latvia), founder of Every year he attends the Slush conference in Finland (top digital conference in the Nordic countries) to check out the best local startups and technology.

There were a few accommodation options for the trip but Uldis and his co-founder decided to run a search for Helsinki on Bizpora. He then sent a few requests through the platform until one local host, Mikko “Kobra” Koskinen approved the stay for a few nights.

The place was small but Mikko proved to be a very interesting host immediately. He also runs a company. It’s “Turn your browser into a magazine that learns what’s interesting to you”.
Mikko said: “Hosting Uldis and Alise was mutually awesome. They probably wouldn’t have participated if I hadn’t hosted them and that wouldn’t have happened without Bizpora. I have also enjoyed the experience as a guest in London. It definitely beats hotels!”

They exchanged some useful thoughts and ideas. Later on, Mikko told Uldis about “News Pioneers” (Helsingin Sanomat), a pitch contest he won the previous year and invited him and his colleague to join.

So, besides the awesome Slush conference, little did Uldis know about the opportunity of pitching at this  cool event. But that was not all. actually made it to the top 5 companies of the contest, unlocking a phenomenal prize of €10,000 in cash and a special trip to Silicon Valley! That’s business serendipity at its bets.

Here’s Uldis  pitching his company at Stanford in front of a fantastic group of people. (Picture by Miemo Penttinen 2013 — at Stanford University.)

So, where are you travelling to next?


Fred Caballero is the co-founder of Bizpora, a trusted community for entrepreneurs & business professionals who travel. He loves football, travelling, food and starting companies. He holds a degree in Journalism, a Certificate in Marketing fand a Diploma in Internet Marketing. Fred travelled to over 25 countries. He lived in Argentina, Spain, United States, Ireland, Chile and the UK. He’s been based in London for the past three years. Fred is an ex-drummer that would love to get back into a band one of these days.

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