Essential tips to use Bizpora

List your place to become a host

Becoming a host is the ultimate way to build relationships with visiting entrepreneurs and business people. You can also make some extra cash. Listing your place is easy and takes 2 minutes. After clicking “become a host”, follow the steps and ensure you “publish” it when you are finished. (Switch to “Yes”)


Navigation (locally and when you travel)

Bizpora is city-based. When you log in, your default view is your home city.

For the purposes of this article, let’s assume you live in Dublin and are travelling to San Francisco.

In any city  you can do 3 things: Find hosts, Find professionals to meet or Start a conversation.



Find a host to stay with:

sample_listing_BizporaUnder “Find hosts” you would see all the different places you can at (and their respective hosts).

If you are happy with a listing, you would “request to stay” indicating your check-in check-out dates and including a friendly message.  Hosts usually reply within 24hs and if they approve your stay you then have to confirm & pay (in free listings you confirm-only).

It’s always important to check the listing reviews (which provide insights on the place) and the host’s personal references (which provide insights on the business professional hosting you).


Meet entrepreneurs and business people:

In your trip you may want to reach out to members in a specific city to invite them for coffee to discuss something in particular.

There are 2 smart ways to do this:

a) Announce your trip through the “conversations” tab: Indicate what you are looking for (e.g. meet professionals, tips, etc). Keep it engaging so that other members comment. Note: When you announce your trip you also automatically appear as a visitor under the “people to meet” tab for that city. Very soon, we will also send an email digest to locals with a summary of these posts so you can get more visibility on your post and needs.




b) Explore member profiles under “people to meet” and send them private messages: You will find people clearly labeled as locals or visitors. Go through their profiles and see if there is a match for your interests. Then craft an engaging message and make contact through with the “send a message”.

When you are not travelling, keep an eye on your own city’s “People to meet” and “conversations” tabs. This is a perfect way to make contact with relevant professionals that are already coming your way or local members that live near you!

Example of a visitor appearing under “people to meet” in San Franciscovisitor

 Finally, ensure your profile is complete

As we improve the platform, having a complete profile will mean that more relevant members can find you. Build your network by requesting references from people you already know. Also help others build their profile by leaving a reference for them.

Got any questions or suggestions? Drop them in the comments below or let us know on support [at] bizpora [dot] com


Co-founder at Bizpora. I am the product manager and spend my days trying to simplify things around here.

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