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Video Interview with Entrepreneur Matt Barrie, Founder of Freelancer

matt barrie

A couple of days ago I was told that Matt Barrie, CEO and founder of (The world’s largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace for small business) was coming to TechHub.

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Why Do Foreign Entrepreneurs Choose Buenos Aires?

@Fredchannel working at NXTPLabs buenos aires

I came to Argentina to promote Startup Stay, grow the community during pre-launch times, network with entrepreneurs, investors and also learn more about the startup scene in Buenos Aires. Thankfully, my host invited me to work three days from his tech accelerator, NXTLabs, located in the beautiful Palermo Soho. Foreign entrepreneurs told Startup Stay why they choose Buenos Aires to build their startup…

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Business Travel: Wiktor Stays With An Entrepreneur In San Francisco

wiktor schmidt

This week, we’d like you to meet another entrepreneur, and early Startup Stay member: Wiktor Schmidt, a Polish developer based in Dublin, Ireland and co-founder of NetGuru. He reached out to us on Twitter back in February since he was about to head over to the US to attend SXSW and also visit San Francisco. Startup Stay is launching in May 2012, so we had to do a bit of manual work to accommodate Wiktor.

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Meet The Members: Socialance and Flockler

startup house

We are a few weeks away from launch and already have many great, creative entrepreneur ready to test soon the first version of So what we’ll start doing from now on is a series of posts called “Meet the Members” so, on one side, you can see exactly what startups are part of the Startup Stay community and on the other hand, we get to give them a nice plug.

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Startup Stories: Instagram


This week I came across CoFounder.TV: “a handpicked collection of the highest quality, most educational entrepreneurship videos from across the web” curated by Rony El-Nashar. I spent the entire Thursday afternoon going through several cool and educational videos. The one I want to share with you this week is “Instagram cofounders share stories about the early days”.

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Lean Startup In Action: Eric Ries coaches 4 entrepreneurs LIVE

eric ries at techhub

The father of “The Lean Startup”, Eric Ries, visited TechHub London back in January. It was a great opportunity to watch him live (and get a signed copy of the book), but also to see him doing something beyond just talking about the “lean” concept

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7 Cool Web Tech Events To Attend

tech conference

SSome entrepreneurs go to web tech events to stay updated, promotional reasons, because they have to or my favourite one: for quality networking. We have a lot of travelling planned for this year and while doing some research about events, I thought it’d be a better idea to make this a post and share them with you.

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