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Happy 2013… From The Andes

While travelling though South America, I wanted to make sure I took a few minutes to make this short video for you :)
Facundo and I wish you a phenomenal 2013. Have fun tonight and thanks so much for your constant support!

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Do you want to be Startup Stay’s Lead Developer & CTO?

Are you an experienced developer with back end and front end skills or do you know one? Become part of our team and let’s change how entrepreneurs travel globally.

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We Are Joining The Startup Chile Programme!

Last Thursday night we received the email announcement. It looks like the Startup Stay team will have a temporary office in Santiago in 2013.

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Do You Want A CoLiveWork Space? Join The Startup House

You’ve heard of coworking spaces. Probably like me, you are also a member of one or two. However, memberships can be pricey for a start-up. If only you had a cool house from where you could work on your projects, great house-mates who could inspire and encourage you… Well, that’s what I’ve been thinking too. My hope is that we can create an affordable kind of CoWorkLive space. What do you think?

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Startup Stay Tour: Aussie Entrepreneur Documents Startup Life In 10 US Cities

Simon Walker & his camera man, will tour 10 US cities this November, staying with Startup Stay entrepreneurs only. They’ll shoot a video per city that will feature the experience with the host entrepreneur (also background, startup, team, etc) and also why each city has such a strong startup scene. No one better than local, connected entrepreneur to help us discover that!

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Meet Our New Ambassadors And Community Managers

We’re rolling out local Startup Stay meetups around the world so local members can meet each other as a strong complement to the online platform. After going through dozens of applications, emails and Skype talks, we are glad to introduce you to our new local ambassadors and online community managers!

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Startup Stay Needs Your Help: Here’s How!

We have hit a few great wins so we want to share with you where we are and what we need to move forward. If you can help, please register your interest in the form on this blog post and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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How Can Business Accelerators And Co-working Spaces Get More Exposure

qualified traffic for startup hubs

Entrepreneurs may now add their accelerator / co-working space name to their Startup Stay profiles!
We understand the value of existing micro communities is the different startup hubs. For example, if you want to host or stay with an entrepreneur that’s part of a known accelerator or co-working space, it means that you are, more likely, closer in terms of degrees of separation with that entrepreneur. It’s a big trust token.
On the other hand, this feature gives accelerators and co-working spaces more visibility and it helps their members to connect/stay with other members in specific startup hubs by performing an advanced search directly

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How A Latvian Entrepreneur Ditched A 5-Star Hotel To Stay With A Local Host In London

uldis and guy

Just a few days after our soft launch on June 12th, Uldis Leiterts, an entrepreneurs from Riga and co-founder of (make your own infographics), found a local entrepreneur to stay with in London using Startup Stay.

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Introducing Startup Stay 1.0 Invite Only Beta

startup stay launch

Entrepreneurs in start-ups can stay with and host other like-minded entrepreneurs when travelling for business. Both guests and hosts give back by sharing knowledge, skills or even tapping into their business network as part of the experience. You don’t pay to be hosted and membership is by invitation-only.

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