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Bizpora Joins The CoFoundersLab’s Family

A few months ago we started partnership conversation with the folks at CoFoundersLab, the largest community of entrepreneurs seeking business partners. We quickly realised that they shared the same vision and DNA as Bizpora: facilitate new friendships, collaborations and business opportunities

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How Bizpora Helped Me Find A CoFounder

…A year ago, while in Barcelona, a friend told me about Bizpora, and I started using it extensively to meet like-minded people while being on the go. The platform is not only good for making social contacts, it also creates amazing partnerships and brings potential co-founders of companies together….

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A New Bizpora Arises

Last September, the Bizpora team moved to Newcastle to join the accelerator Ignite100. We are four weeks away from finishing this amazing experience. It’s also been quite a stressful time, constantly improving the platform while digesting a lot of feedback from dozens of mentors and Bizpora members. Today we want to introduce to you to the outcome…

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Bizpora Joins Accelerator Ignite100

The adventure continues now in the north of England. We’ve all moved to Newcastle to join the fantastic Ignite100 accelerator! It will be a very intensive 13 weeks. We have great stuff coming up. Stay tuned!

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Startup Stay Is Now Bizpora

We’ve learned a lot in the past 10 months. Learn more about Startup Stay’s re-launch and re-brand. Get ready to maximise your business travel time for ever…

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Entrepreneurs Wanted! Workspace TechHub Launches in Bucharest

Nowadays, the Internet has established itself as a colossal industry, which reunites millions of people who work together around the world and back. But, in order for the revolution to take place, the small group leading the change needs to have a common space where to meet, collaborate and work. Therefore, incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces have emerged to fuel up the new momentum. Eastern Europe has always been looked on as a heaven for both “hackers” and rock star developers…

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Meet Our 7 New Ambassadors

Our community keeps growing worldwide. Last September we announced 17 Startup Stay ambassadors. They are well connected entrepreneurs that help us facilitate more connections between members and spread the word locally through meetups…

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Win Free Tickets To The Mobile World Congress In Barcelona!

Good news everyone! Our friends at Wireless Industry Partnership (@wipjam on Twitter) have very kindly shared with the Startup Stay community two free tickets to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February 25th – 28th). Wanna go? Here’s what to do…

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1 Entrepreneur, 10 US Cities, 20 Days: 3 New Videos!

We announced the first 3 videos of the The Leeap Project a few days ago, featuring Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.
We’ve got for you three new cool ones (4 more to come!): Seattle, Boulder/Denver and Austin. Enjoy folks!

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Introducing The New Startup Stay CTO!

As any other startup, many challenges come up after launch. One of our top ones was to find a knowledgeable developer with enough experience to act as Chief Technical Officer.
We never looked for just a “coder”, but instead someone that can bring their own ideas to the table and work together with us (Facundo & Fred) as an integral part of the team…

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