1 Entrepreneur, 2 Countries, 6 Months of Travelling

agu de marcoEveryone dreams of having a global team, but the reality looks a bit different: Me, tired and hairy… but motivated.
I’m from Argentina, where my team and I founded Wideo.co, a DIY video animation platform. Back in September, we were accepted into the Fall 500 Startups class, so I packed my bags and flew to Mountain View.

I initially missed Buenos Aires, a city is full of life and energy.  Mountain View is quieter with not many people in the streets.  The quietness does, however, limit distractions and gives you the ability to literally work night and day on your startup.  Since my team was in Buenos Aires (along with all of my family and friends), I ended up travelling back and forth for the sake of the team and my mental health :)

Wideo Guys

People often complain about commuting, especially when they have to sit in traffic for over half an hour.  Well, I would have taken that in a heartbeat.  The offerings at 500 Startups were immense, and its an opportunity that you can’t just say no to, but being away from not only my team, but also my friends and family took a toll.

I eventually grew used to being tired, as any entrepreneur does.  Silicon Valley gave me opportunities I never would have imagined.  Now, back in Argentina, participating in NXTPLabs gives me a commute I love, as I can now walk to work :)

Entrepreneurs often yearn for the global lifestyle, which does have its rewards; but, it’s not an ideal life.  Constantly being on the go, away from loved ones, your only outlet being work, can be extremely draining.  I took advantage of every opportunity I had, so I obviously don’t regret one second.  While I happily leave behind the commute, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  I felt like I really embodied the phrase “living the dream” while at 500 Startups. Even with the fatigue, the experience was more than worth it.

What’s your experience about working away from your team and family?

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