Bizpora Joins The CoFoundersLab’s Family

bizpora cofounderslabIt’s been over two years since we started working on Bizpora. I must say it was a heck of a ride and a massive learning curve for us as a team. We built a global network of thousands of entrepreneurs and facilitated hundreds of face to face connections.

As you know, we launched in 2012 as Startup Stay, offering entrepreneurs in startups a way to connect with other like-minded members and also look for accommodation. After a lot of work, 8 months through the Startup Chile programme and entering the Ignite100 accelerator in Newcastle last September, we arrived to the conclusion that listings were incredibly hard to scale. The level of support and the cost of capturing new listings compared to the business growth did not make financial sense. That’s when we decided to focus on the networking element that was highly used by most members. Read more ›

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20 Useful Business Travel Tips for London

When we travel for business, our time is precious and we want to go to the right places with the people we meet. We’ve begun curating valuable city insights from our local Bizpora members. We hope that you find the following info-nuggets helpful in your quest to meet the right people. Feel free to touch base with members directly and leave more tips in the comments so we can keep the post updated. Read more ›

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20 Cities, 5 Continents, 1 Winner

This is a guest post by Alisee de Tonnac, co-founder of

We, the team Seedstars, had this crazy idea of organising a worldwide startup competition that would take place in 20 countries, in all continents and we would eventually invest in the winning company. We planned our travels with the help of the Bizpora team.

seed stars world Read more ›

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How Bizpora Helped Me Find A CoFounder

From right to left : Eli, Filip and Roderick this week at launch event in Zagreb

As an entrepreneur and a digital nomad, Bizpora has been a life saver for me. It’s helped me build my business network and brought lasting friendships. It turns out, it also became the platform where that connected me to the co-founder of my new venture, a global map platform that allows startups to share their news and milestones with the world and connect to each other.

My name is Eli, I am originally from Israel, a CPA and economist in my past and a startup enthusiast . 3 years ago and after a boring accounting career, I realized that this routine of staying in the same place was not really my style, and decided to live a nomadic lifestyle. Ever since I started this journey, I have been changing locations every couple of months or so. I’ve visited over 20 countries. (From India, through Paraguay to Bosnia) Read more ›

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A New Bizpora Arises

Last September, the Bizpora team moved to Newcastle to join the accelerator Ignite100. We are four weeks away from finishing this amazing experience. It’s also been quite a stressful time, constantly improving the platform while digesting a lot of feedback from dozens of mentors and Bizpora members. Today we want to introduce to you to the outcome. Read more ›

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Bizpora Joins Accelerator Ignite100

It’s been an adventurous year for the Bizpora team.

We were selected in November last year to join the Startup Chile programme. We joined in January, worked in many changes, rebranded from Startup Stay to Bizpora, and returned to London in August. Read more ›

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How To Get The Most Out Of Every Stay Request

Many Bizpora members have been asking us lately for some advise to receive more replies from hosts. Let me share with you a few good tips to maximise every single one of your “Stay Requests”.

There are internal and external points to take into account:

Internal (what we can control)

1. First, let’s get out of the way the most obvious one: Have a fully complete Bizpora profile (with a profile picture, info about you, your company, links to social networks, etc) You could have the best tactics in mind but, if your potential host checks out your profile and finds it incomplete or nothing interesting at all, guess what’s going to happen?

niels bizpora profile Read more ›

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How A Bizpora Member Won 10K And A Free Trip To The Valley

Uldis is a Bizpora member (Riga, Latvia), founder of Every year he attends the Slush conference in Finland (top digital conference in the Nordic countries) to check out the best local startups and technology.

There were a few accommodation options for the trip but Uldis and his co-founder decided to run a search for Helsinki on Bizpora. He then sent a few requests through the platform until one local host, Mikko “Kobra” Koskinen approved the stay for a few nights.

The place was small but Mikko proved to be a very interesting host immediately. He also runs a company. It’s “Turn your browser into a magazine that learns what’s interesting to you”.
Mikko said: “Hosting Uldis and Alise was mutually awesome. They probably wouldn’t have participated if I hadn’t hosted them and that wouldn’t have happened without Bizpora. I have also enjoyed the experience as a guest in London. It definitely beats hotels!” Read more ›

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Insights From A Traveling Entrepreneur

bowei and fredBowei Gai is an entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley and founder of the World Startup Report (He also founded CardMunch, sold to LinkedIn). I had a chance to chat with him during his visit to London (Thanks Anca for arranging the meeting and for the photo!)

World Startup Report’s mission is:

Document our world’s startup ecosystems through a series of reports detailing the local culture, trends, key players and challenges. Share these reports for free to benefit everyone in the global startup community. Read more ›

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Essential tips to use Bizpora

List your place to become a host

Becoming a host is the ultimate way to build relationships with visiting entrepreneurs and business people. You can also make some extra cash. Listing your place is easy and takes 2 minutes. After clicking “become a host”, follow the steps and ensure you “publish” it when you are finished. (Switch to “Yes”)

Read more ›

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